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Growing up, I had ADHD, and my mother’s solution to my (lack of) attention span was to surround me with as many books as she could lay her hands on. As a result, going from book to book, I developed an interest in most things under the sun, science, history, mythology, the animal kingdom, magic, and whatnot. However, what I enjoyed the most was pulling things apart and putting them back together to make a new one. I was and am an engineer.

Over the past decade, I have collected experience working in two of the largest investment banks in the world, first at Barclays and then at Goldman Sachs. While primarily employed as a financial professional at these firms, I distinguished myself as an innovator who built intelligent products.

At Goldman Sachs, along with building products, I also had the opportunity to learn how to build and lead teams, right from recruiting the right individuals for a job to motivating a team to work together and produce results.

The biggest takeaways from my experience are the relationships I forged when working on a team. Happy teams seem to amplify success!

Going forward, I want to continue building products but build products that have a much broader reach. I am excited about opportunities that let me have even a slight effect on the entire world.

Apart from work, I like traveling photography and actively seek adventure. Exploring the world on a bicycle is one of the ways by which I tick all three boxes.

Ainish was part of my team at Barclays. His attitude towards work was excellent with strong quantitative and financial modeling skills. I think what sets him apart are his strong communication skills combined with his ability to deliver insightful results from large complex data sets, helping improve the bottom line of the firm. He has a strong attention to detail and works well under pressure, and has impeccable delivery on time sensitive tasks.

Nikhil Jagannathan, Franklin Templeton

Ainish is a great mentor and thought leader. He not only comes up with transformative ideas quickly, but is able to inspire others with his vision and put together a plan to implement the idea. In all my years of working closely with him, he has challenged me with complex problem statements, given full support with ideation, decision making and provided me with opportunities to present my work to senior stakeholders. Working with him is an absolute pleasure owing to his transparency, enthusiasm and drive.

Ganesh Pitchiah, Goldman Sachs

He is constantly brimming with new ideas. He is able to break down complex problems using first principles, come up with new out-of-the-box solutions. He has driven vision and implementation for several large-scale transformations for the division.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with and for him over the years. He inspires and leads from the front, brings the very best out of his team.
He is able to understand the strengths of his team, nurture them, building future leaders for the firm.

I was able to work with Ainish on several high-profile, global projects and was continually impressed with both the knowledge of his own space and his overall mastery of flows that span different regions and groups. Continually pushing for excellence and delivery of on-time initiatives.

Gautham Eshwar, Goldman Sachs

Christopher Hubis, Goldman Sachs

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